Dark Circles? Yup we all hate those raccoon eyes


I’m no stranger to wake up in the morning with almost raccoon eyes, it immediately brings me down. You name it I have tried it, tried Google self-remedies, tried all over the counter products that guaranteed results  and finally went to a dermatologist .Well none of it worked for me ,nothing did in the end it was all a rip off. I wake up every morning dying to see results ,but sadly none of it worked for me.

What I did to overcome the dark circles nightmare, well it’s not 100% but I assure you it has reduced.

Here’s my daily regimen

As soon as I get up I put two frozen cotton balls soaked in cucumber juice on my eyes and rest for 5 mins. You can make them in batches and freeze them, and store them in your freezer.

Next thing I do is, after washing my face, I put on an eye cream, I’m currently using Clinique eye cream.

And I try to stay very much away from my eyeliner, because for me eyeliner is another main reason for dark circles under my eyes, so go easy on them.

Before bed after washing my face, I use Olay night cream, and then I massage under my eyes

And Finally I make sure I sleep for 8 hours at a stretch: D

So there you go , try it out and let me know if it worked for you :D, if you have any tips please comment and share.

Have a wonderful day guys xo